The Variety of Themes For Getting Married

It is not too hard for most people to assume that weddings mostly share the same themes of white ball gowns and tuxedos with the ceremony taking place at a grand dinner. Certainly, some weddings incorporate that sort of formality into the procession, but not all weddings have to stick to this. Ultimately, wedding themes are unique and reflect the style that the bride and groom want to go for.

For such a special occasion, settling on the right theme is a big deal so read on to see how you can make each ceremony that much more special.


Opting to keep up with the times and get married the modern way? Not a bad choice since modern themes are becoming increasingly popular. A modern wedding theme can have clean lines, geometric shapes, acrylic décor, and contemporary table settings – anything that represents our modernized way of life.

Minimalism is one aspect of modernist designs and this can be achieved with decorative elements like lucite décor, polished stones, and greenery. Colour is also important and using white or monochrome colour schemes can help bring out the vibe of your décor. Another good idea is to mix up a neutral aesthetic with the bride and groom’s special twist to it.


A traditional-styled wedding pays homage to the special and formal nature of the bride and groom getting married, so having the proper décor and vibe is especially important. 

Traditional wedding themes are rather formal, and the wedding should reflect that. Full sit-down dinners are common in such ceremonies and should be complemented with complete table settings and classic décor to accommodate the classy atmosphere. 

To match this exquisite theme, the venue should have fancy seating, ornate decorations, and suitable flowers. The attire should play into the theme as well, so the bride will typically wear a ballgown-style wedding dress while a tuxedo will fit the groom nicely. Naturally, a black tie dress code for your guests is perfect for completing the theme.


What better way to celebrate getting wed with your partner than a romantic-themed wedding? Celebrate the love by choosing soft colour palettes, beautiful floral decorations, and elegant lighting to give the occasion that dreamy ambiance. After all, this theme’s focus is on reflecting the love between the bride and groom.

Venues add a lot to the romance factor, and a romantic venue with the right atmosphere can be achieved just by adding suitable décor and soft colours. For instance, having soothing lighting combined with lush greenery in an outdoor setting is something almost out of a fairytale.

For an added touch, spicing up the festivities with some romantic and non-cliché music can also help set the ambience for you and your guests. 


Perhaps you and your partner want to be unique and stray from the usual traditional styles of weddings? An alternative wedding can be just as good as any other theme. The key to alternative themes is to have your own unique style, so don’t be afraid to explore new ideas. 

Going alternative lets you ditch the typical style of traditional white gowns and vibrant florals. Unique décor and different colour palettes from the usual are just some ways of making the big day a little more out of the ordinary. Make do without tradition by going for a theme that is imaginative and special. Fantasy, rustic, travel, celestial… the list goes on. 


Planning weddings the traditional way can be a rather rigid affair, especially with all the formality and tradition that goes into conventional weddings. Do away with all that by opting for a casual wedding instead, which can be just as beautiful.

Although casual weddings have a more relaxed approach, this does not mean they are any less special. A casual wedding should have a comfortable atmosphere that everyone can enjoy stress-free, so having the wedding outdoors in a cozy setting like a garden or courtyard can be a great idea. Also, you can change up the wedding’s décor, setting, and food with a casual twist like classic lighting and comfort food for best results.


An outdoor ceremony with Mother Nature is always a lovely idea. There is a special bliss in getting wed in a forest surrounded by trees, flowers, and other natural elements. What’s more is that you already have much of your venue planned for you by nature itself. 

For this theme, forest weddings are best held in an environment with nice trees, flowery elements, and mossy backgrounds. For added flavour, you can switch up the venue’s setting with decorations like branches, foliage, candles, and lanterns for that special feel. If anything, having a beautiful wedding arch of flowers, wood, and leaves will also be sure to impress.

Movie theme

Feeling like saying your marriage vows in a movie-themed ceremony? Then this is the wedding for you. Movie-themed weddings can draw plenty of inspiration from all things film-related for a unique and passionate occasion.

Be creative and express your passion for film during the ceremony, such as for the venue, food, and music. One way to get that cinematic feel is to have a film awards-style ceremony for the glamor. This theme can be quite grand, so roll out the red carpet and consider a black-tie ceremony in a theater with movie-themed décor and popcorn to leave your guests starstruck.


When it comes to outdoor weddings, a garden ceremony will not let you down. Many couples will enjoy the gorgeousness that a garden venue provides and having extra flowers with woodsy elements can do wonders in adding to the setting’s atmosphere.

Many garden wedding venues are beautiful enough on their own, and you can get some inspiration from the garden itself to spice up your ceremony. Flower-themed table decorations, floral accents, and hanging lights around trees are great elements to add for that outdoor feel. You can also make your own decorations and signages to place around the ceremony for your guests. 

Fairy tale

Couples wanting a fantasy-like ceremony can go for a fairytale-themed wedding as it has magic written all over it. This theme can be breathtaking with the right creativity, so go wild with ideas from your favorite fairy tales and marry as a prince and princess.

Whether your inspiration is Cinderella or Snow White, fairytale weddings can have decor like fancy tables, candles, books, and even antiques. Fairytale weddings also have a few venue options, and a ceremony in the woods can be just as good as one in a grand ballroom. To top it off, you can also bring out the iconic rose from Beauty and the Beast for a stunning decoration.

The conclusion

In the end, these themes are just some examples that you and your partner can follow. Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to wedding themes, so be creative and set your own style. After all, it is your special day!

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