Virtual Business Card vs Traditional Business Card

Many of us who haven’t experienced a virtual name card are curious. Most wanted to know how they differ and how it feels like to own one to impress our contacts and people that we meet on different occasions. Let’s take a look and check it out:

Traditional cards are printed on paper medium but digital cards reside on digital medium. Printing of traditional cards consume paper and ink compared to digital name cards which consume power.

Waste is inevitable with traditional cards. No waste occurs with digital name cards – all you have to do is delete and save it on digital medium.

Traditional cards have limits, but digital name cards can hold more informative contents among others, text, collections of photos and visuals and YouTube files.

Wear and tear can happen with traditional printed name cards whereas digital name cards are virtual and don’t get torn and tattered.

Follow-ups tend to be lost in a mountain of tasks with traditional printed cards. Digital name cards make it easy to follow up on business contacts as it’s just a click away.

Making a change or update? With digital name cards, it’s easy to store; amend and save the new version on phone, various digital mediums or online.

Digital name cards are contactless. They support zero contact during the pandemic.

It’s easily searchable and shareable through e-mails, social media and other forms of digital distributions.

Price of printed cards may go up if resources become depleted. Digital name cards stay unaffected by change in price.

No worry of having to remember bringing and restocking traditional cards along. The one thing the card owner will ever need is a mobile phone!

You can say digital name cards will require Wifi, but current infrastructures have led to Wifi being available in many places e.g., cafes, shops, restaurants, shopping complexes and hospitals.

With digital name cards, human touch is lost during exchange of cards like handshaking, welcoming, handing over cards with both hands and other traditions. 

Having viewed the differences, the disadvantages for traditional cards tend to exceed that of digital name cards. It has come to a point that digital name cards have turned out to be unbeatable!

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